Seminar arranged by College NSS Department
Inner View of College Chapel
Youth Welfare Program

The Department of Youth Welfare attempts to provide maximum opportunities and create conditions for students to develop into better and balanced personalities. In collaboration with the Directorate of Youth Services Punjab, the college organize various types of co-curricular activities for students to exhibit their talents.
Committee Members
Dr. Samuel Gill (Convener)
 Dr. Jagwinder Kaur
Dr. Narinder Singh
 Dr. J.P Singh
 Dr.  Neeraj K. Sharma
 Ms. Savita

National Cadet Corps (N.C.C.)

The NCC Program offers an opportunity to cadets to develop character, comradeship and leadership. The syllabus includes weapons training, map reading, drill first-aid and citizenship. The cadets are also prepared for 'B' and 'C' certificate examination of NCC. In the college the NCC office is located on the first floor of the Arts Block. In addition to the boys unit the college had started NCC unit for girls from session 2004-05. Major Dilbag Singh, is incharge of NCC in the college.
Committee Members
 Major Dilbag Singh (Convener)

National Service Scheme (N.S.S.)

The activities of the NSS are oriented basically towards social welfare and development. Students get an opportunity to participate in special campaigns against socio-economic problems, and to motivate people of the adopted villages by organizing socio-economic developmental programs. Various camps on Blood donation, First Aid, Home Nursing, Traffic Rules Training, Civil Defence, Voters Awareness, Tree Plantation were arranged in the session.

Committee Members
Dr. Sushma Sharma (Convener)
Mr. Lalit Kumar

Youth Red Cross (YRC)

The YRC unit has been actively working in the college since 2009-10. Mr. Narinder Singh attended a special trainning programme. As a part of Indian Red Cross, its programmes include Promoting Humanitarian principles and values; Disaster Response; Disaster Preparedness and Health & Care in the community. Under the convenership of Mr. Harprabhdeep Singh YRC has donated kitchen sets and blankets to the needy people. A free eye camp and medical camp on gynacological problems were also organised during the session.

Committee Members
Mr. Neeraj kumar Sharma (Convener)
Dr. Rajni Bala
Dr. Sushma Sharma
Ms. Anu
Mr. Amant Masih
Mr. Sarwant Singh

Games and Sports

Games and Sports are considered an integral part of modern education and training for healthy life. The college follows a planned program for sports activities. The college encourages practically all the games and sports recognized by the University. It maintains well kept play grounds for hockey, football, basketball, cricket, tennis, badminton, and boxing. There is a also a 400 meter track. The sports department of Government of Punjab has selected Baring College as a subcentre for hockey, basketball, cricket and athletics.
Committee Members
Ms. Parminderjit Kaur (Convener)
Mr. Harprabdeep Singh
Mr. Pawan Kumar
Dr. Rakesh Sharma
Mr. Lalit Kumar
Ms. Jagwinder kaur

The Students Christian Movement (SCM)

As a church related college, Baring College encourages religious/spiritual growth by participation in the Students Christian Movement. Participation in worship service is however, voluntary. There is no religious restriction on students seeking admission. This students' body, in fact, includes people belonging to diverse faiths and religions. The SCM of the college is affiliated to the National Student Christian Movement of India. Students are enrolled on a voluntary basis. The SCM organizes Bible studies, carol singing, youth camps, picnics, conferences, workshops and Christmas Programs etc.    
Committee Members
Dr. Samuel Gill (Convener)
Dr. Rajan Chaudhary
Dr. Joel G. Ram

College Chapel Program

In the midst of our modern buildings, the college chapel, built in 1897, still remains the most beautiful structure. There is abundance of artistic details throughout its structure. The design, which is for the most part of the work, is of Rev Henry Baring, offer a striking blend of Sikh, Muslim and European architect. The items of particular interest are the stained glass windows, the wood carving and the mosaic floor in the chapel. The large double door at the entrance is beautifully carved with Biblical symbols, parables and verses. The college begins its day's work with worship in the chapel. Both the staff and the students lead the service. Students are encouraged to plan and conduct services in English, Punjabi or Hindi.

Along with providing guidance to their intellect Baring college has always sought to nurture the spiritual faculties of the students. Counseling centre on the college premises full fills. The counselor Rev. (Dr.) Vinita Roy, has been actively engaged in organizing various activities like seminars, meetings and counseling sessions etc. with students to provide a value orientation to their lives.  
Committee Members
Rev.(Dr.) Vinita Roy (Convener)
Chapel Prayer on college opening for new session in the presence of Bishop.      
Prayer By college students on the opening.

The Christian Institute for Religious Studies

The Christian Institute for Religious Studies has been set up for the purpose of research and inter-faith dialogue. It conducts research on the actual beliefs, culture and history of different Indian communities. The thought behind the establishment of this institute is to create a meaningful system of education suited to the needs, cultural ethos and the religious values of the people.

In Campus Bank Facility

The State Bank of India has a branch in the college campus. Complete banking service including ATM facility is available to students and staff.


The college canteen offers beverages, snacks and sweets at reasonable rates. There is a committee of staff and students which inspects the canteen periodically for the maintenance of proper cleanliness, discipline and quality of food served.
Committee Members
Principal (Convener)
Dr. R. Sharma
Mrs. Penny Das
Mr. Dass Mal
Mr. Samson
Mr. Stephan


Indira Gandhi National Open University (IGNOU) provides open access to higher education to all those disadvantaged people who cannot join the formal stream. A study center has been established in our college for the benefit of the people of Gurdaspur district and its surrounding areas. IGNOU offers Certificate in Computing (CIC), Bachelor Preparatory Program (BPP) – equal to 10+2, Diploma in Rural Development (DRD), BA, B.Com, BCA, MCA, MA (English).Prospectus for various courses is available from the college office.
 Dr. Samuel Gill - Head, Dept. of Punjabi


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