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On the Occasion of the 75th Anniversary of BUC College Batala

Congratulatory Remarks by
Rev. Dr. P.K. Samantha Roy
President B.U.C.C

Honored Guests, Distinguished Colleagues, Ladies and Gentlemen:

May I begin by expressing my heartfelt congratulations to Principal, Teachers and students of BUCC on the 75th anniversary of the college.

Ladies and gentlemen, I think you will agree with me that, in an average human being's relatively brief lifespan, seventy-five years usually marks a time when one begins to slow down a bit, scaling back on one's activities and commitments.

But from everything I've seen over past and present, Baring College is seventy-five years young, and, only just beginning to flex its wings, dreaming of a brighter future, energetically moving forward, building on its illustrious history of academic and institutional achievements.

Friends, the completion of 75 years is undoubtedly an important event in the life of any organization, especially an educational institution which molds the future of all those students who walk through its portals. I am very glad to know that BUCC which was started in 1934 as a middle school and upgraded as a college in 1944, has many significant achievements to its credits and has carved out a niche for itself in the educational field.

On the platinum Jubilee of this prestigious educational institution, I extend my heartiest felicitations and best wishes to the management, the teachers and the students. The objective of education is inevitably to develop the total personality of students and to widen their intellectual horizons. It is only through quality education that we can achieve the all round development of our students and make them into productive and socially sensitive citizens. Education should inculcate humanism, tolerance, discipline and broad-mindedness. It should reach our heritage to the successive generations. An Educational institution must be such that it brings out the best of our past, takes the best of the present, but keeps in mind the future direction that we want to give the country in terms of political, economic and cultural development.

BUCC as the most prestigious institution of higher learning in India is making persistent efforts to create a stimulating educational environment for its students. Today, its graduates can be found in leadership positions in every sector of society—from the corridors of government, to corporate boardrooms, to cutting-edges research in centers, in the news media and in the entertainment industry, and virtually everywhere else in between.

We are all well aware of the remarkable contributions which the Christian community has made in the task of national development. A large number of educational institutions, hospitals and health care centre have been established throughout the country, particularly in remote areas, amply testify to the praiseworthy work which various Christian organization have been engaged in for a long time.

BUCC as a Christian institution invests into building an outstanding faculty, and its balanced curriculum stressing the fundamentals of higher learning-humanities as well as social sciences. I also acknowledge that the best tool for empowerment of the students, particularly the weaker sections of the society is education.

An outstanding educational institutional cannot be built overnight. During the past seventy-five years the BUCC is empowering students to become informed and self- reliant adults and imbuing them with the spirit of inquiry and reform so essential for the creation of enlightened individual. Its teaching community has been playing an important role in this regard by making the students well aware of their responsibilities to the nation and its people.

To the young friends of this institution, I would like to say that you are fortunate that you are students to this great institution. A good educational system, combined with ethical, moral and rational values, would help the country in transforming itself rapidly and help to narrow down the gap between the rich and the poor. The BUCCA Management, and the teaching community here, over the last 75 years, have laid emphasis on providing to its students education relevant to the times, focusing on their all-round development, and various programs seeking to sensitize them to mature into socially responsible, civic conscious and patriotic citizens. I heartily commend all of you for your invaluable contributions in this regard. I am confident that the Baring College will have many more achievements to its credit in the years ahead.

My wishes and warm greetings to all of you.

With these words, I have great pleasure in inaugurating the Platinum Jubilee Celebrations of the BUCC.

Thanking You.


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